Today each business aims to be socially responsible. It is a necessity of time to unite efforts for a good cause.

Each community suffers many problems. Consolidated efforts are needed to make the life better. This philosophy is much understood in Rotorua region in New Zealand. The city government, non-governmental organizations and businesses got united to build a stronger region. They organize various events to protect children, poor people and elder population.

Majority of businesses with long history join such campaigns. Bistro 1284 is one of entreprizes that regularly contributes to general well-being of society.

Bistro 1284: a contributor to the well-being of Rotorua region

Bistro 1284 is one of the oldest restaurants in the city. It is a private business. Its owners and personnel feel truly connected to community. It is so, because:

  • Citizens of the city regularly visit the restaurant. It is opened 7 days per week. It has truly home atmosphere.
  • Owners are from the region. They participate in good causes following their internal responsibility.
  • Management of the restaurant understands, the happier community is, more people will spend time at Bistro 1284 to have a tasty dinner.

Bistro 1284 and its charitable activity

Bistro 1284 is a fine restaurant. What can it offer?  Fine food. The restaurant on a regular basis joins charitable initiatives of Rotorua!

One of the most interesting ones was local chef’s competition. It was held at Novotel hotel. It gathered community members and top professionals in culinary industry.

Chefs of best known Rotorua’s dining places competed to prepare of 5 courses meal. Bistro 1284 got engaged in this campaign. It as usual amazed public by tasty dishes.

All the proceedings from event were directed to help the children ill of cancer. The final aim of this social campaign was to establish a charitable house. There those with severe problems could have a shelter. This is one of examples when Bistro 1284 joined socially responsible campaigns for the good of community.

Bistro 1284 works on its corporate social responsibility as well. It values its clients. Several times per year it organizes dinner for loyal clientele for considerable price.

The region of Rotorua calls for supporters

Region of Rotorua regularly organizes charitable events. If you want to get to know latest updates go to this calendar Get acquaintance with the list.  You will see that charitable events are important for Rotorua’s citizens.

Charitable activity is supported by various business sectors, restaurants, online casinos, service providers, hotels. Each business learnt to contribute to general well-being of Rotorua’s society.