Rotorua is an attractive town in New Zealand. It offers much to see. Though tourists and locals get attracted not only by beauty of surrounding. Rotorua offers excellent dining place. It is called Bistro 1284.

The place with history and true appreciation of fine cuisine

People enjoy diner at Bistro 1284 daily from 6 p.m. The place is always full of visitors. But it never looks crowded. What makes it so special?

  • It is not just a place to eat. It is the restaurant with fine dining culture.
  • It is a true island of peace and comfort. The interior design is made in very straightforward manner. The restaurant does not have luxurious furniture. It is decorated with fine wooden one. Interior brings you the feeling of home comfort.
  • It has a long history. The restaurant was in business for many years. Many times it was awarded the first place between the best restaurants in Rotorua.
  • Chefs are truly passionate by what they do. Their love to cooking is felt in each plate served.
  • The restaurant offers only top quality food. All products are fresh. They are chosen daily to keep their true taste.

Bistro 1284 specialties

L’art de manger is cultivated in dishes. Each plate has a great esthetic value. It is made with devotion to haute cuisine. Bistro 1284 is famous by its classic meet dishes.

The menu of the restaurant can be characterized as primarily European. It is composed of stakes, burgers, fish, risotto.

Here is what Bistro 1284 menu is composed of:

  • Dishes of lamb and beef. It was awarded Lamb and Beef Excellence award for 16 times. If you go for it, choose beef crostini or a lamb steak.
  • Menu offers also great variety of not fat food. Marinated chicken, mussels, prawns are as well a great specialty of the restaurant. If you go for such plates, you will feel inspired after diner.
  • Bistro1284 is famous for its Asian dishes. There are some in menu. They excellently fulfil it. Choose spring rolls or tasty samosas. Their taste will reveal the true spirit of Asia. Some notes to menu are also added by Middle Eastern falafel and Turkish kebab.
  • Each dish is unique. It is designed following individual taste of the chef. It is served with vegetable, fries or rice.
  • The desserts will also amaze you. You will surely like classic brownies, profiteroles and cheese cakes. One of the specialties of menu is its combination of tastes.

Variety of dishes in the menu is delicately chosen. Enjoy excellent cuisine of Bistro 1284! Taste dishes of fine quality and great taste! Bistro 1284 is always ready to welcome its clients. Tables reservation is welcome. Taste the spirit of fine cuisine!