An array of flavors, freshness, seafood, and meat served with a smile, represent the essence and the beauty of New Zealand cuisine. You will be a fool missing out traditional food dishes in New Zealand as a tourist.

Today we’re going to explore New Zealand’s traditional cuisine trail with its Maori roots and modern interpretations.

New Zealand Cuisine

So, how does New Zealand taste and smell?

New Zealand Cuisine

The most distinctive feature of New Zealand cuisine is its correspondence to local components, mixed in a different way accordingly to a season. But there are 5 typical foods from the region, which characterize locals the best.

Top 5 Dishes from New Zealand Cuisine

  • Hangi food. We’re going to start with the method of cooking rather than some concrete products. Hangi food is a notion which describes products cooked by a special technology, derived from Maori times. What you can cook in hangi is almost everything from chicken to potato. For this method, locals use hot rocks in a pit oven. Due to the fact, that this is not the most convenient way of cooking, they use it mostly for special occasions and festivals. Hangi food
  • And now is time for the actual dishes. You may be surprised, but fish and chips are among the most popular foods in New Zealand. Yes, it is a very English thing. The locals say that the English nation has invented fish and chips, but the Kiwis have perfected it. No wonder that fish and chips are so popular in New Zealand. The region is home to a variety of amazing seafood.
  • Kumara. The name of the dish may seem to be a little bit awkward until you know what it means. Kumara is just a sweet potato. Why is it so popular in New Zealand? Many years ago, it was one of the crucial ingredients of Maori culture and hangi cooking. Kumara
  • Lolly cake is one of those foods which were developed in New Zealand particularly. It definitely can be called a traditional delicacy, which is always something new and interesting for people from other countries. Basically, a lolly cake is like a fairy cake made of quite simple ingredients. Usually, it consists of fruit pops, Malt biscuits, milk, and butter.
  • And the last but not the least is one of the most famous New Zealand desserts in the whole world – Pavlova. It is a dessert named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. The origin of this dessert is very interesting. Some people claim that it was created for Anna when she visited New Zealand in distant 1926. Pavlova

Others say that the origin of Pavlova dessert traces back to German being very similar to a German tote. However, New Zealander’s consider this delicious dessert to be their traditional food to any taste and for any special occasion.